Designer Fashion Fabrics


You don’t always get the time to relax. That’s why we developed the LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ brand. With your wellness in mind, we put standards in place so your favorite brands can offer all of the benefits of graduated compression in their Legwear products. From sole to soul, we’ve got you covered.


Expecting more is always in style.

The technology of shapewear is constantly evolving and the LYCRA® BEAUTY brand isn’t just keeping up; it’s paving the path. LYCRA® BEAUTY brand has mastered the science of shaping and applied it to a wide range of garments to give you the same striking results. It’s not just about looking good, shapewear should move effortlessly with you – providing support and sculpting simultaneously – without any discomfort. It’s time to challenge those traditional beauty standards.



Forget squeezing into a pair of jeans hoping they’ll eventually stretch out and fit your curves. Times have changed thanks to the LYCRA® brand and their dedication to movement. Now your favorite pair of denim not only fits you like a glove (without the dressing room drama), but combined with the power of LYCRA® BEAUTY brand technology, it will sculpt and smooth for an instant knockout look.


Sport is more than an activity. It’s a lifestyle.

Your sports activity must fit into your life, not only keep you fit. That’s why the LYCRA® SPORT technology is designed for the weekend warriors and the seven-days-a-week workout fanatics alike, ensuring your gear has the proven LYCRA® fiber stretch and top performing fabrics. This technology provides optimal compression during workouts when you need muscle recovery and freedom of movement the most. Meet your new favorite workout partner.

Athletic & leisure


Let’s be honest. You’re not only wearing your gym clothes to the gym. Sometimes it’s the elliptical on your agenda, other times it’s a long list of errands. Sportswear made with LYCRA® SPORT technology gives you the freedom to do whatever is your plan for the day with a smooth, close fit that’s incredibly comfortable. Its shaping technologies lift and sculpt every curve, making it the obvious choice for conquering the treadmill or the grocery aisles. Why limit high-tech fashion to the gym?


Look for the brand that makes it worth your while.

Love your clothes longer with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber, a unique technology that makes fashion tougher so it can fight against fading and hold its shape wear after wear. With LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber those staple pieces you splurged on will actually make it through the season, your skinny jeans won’t stretch, and no wave nor washing machine will wreck your swimsuit. You’ve got a lot of stock in your wardrobe — make it an investment you won’t regret.

Women’s Denim

Pull it up just once

You want denim that supports your curves and, here’s the tricky part, holds its form. No more bunching, sagging and stiffness, or pulling up ten times a day. The LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber brand features technology that allows jeans to really keep their shape, negating the bag and sag traditionally associated with high stretch fabrics. Pull it up only once, when you put it on, and no more.

Men’s Denim

Worn In But Not Worn Out

Whatever it is that makes you grab that same pair of jeans off your closet all the time, you want to keep this going for longer. Don’t settle for weak denim. LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber brand for denim has fiber technology that makes fabrics twice as strong as 100% cotton jeans but doesn’t sacrifice an inch of comfort or fit. For denim that will move with you, you know what to look for.



Denim fabrics with LYCRA dualFX technology contain about 30% stretch but have a high degree of dimensional stability so that jeans retain their shape and fit over time. These super-stretch jeans provide the ultimate in comfort and free-movement and yet they have the look and feel of natural denim.

LYCRA lastingFIT Technology

LYCRA lastingFIT technology for denim jeans and for jobwear provides durable stretch and recovery, shape retention, and very low shrinkage.

A key component of the technology is LYCRA® T400® fiber. Because this fiber is made from two different polymers it forms a permanent coil that consistently recovers. The long-lasting performance of these fabrics is one of the attributes that sets them apart from other stretch alternatives, providing you with a whole new level of comfort and consistent fit. Jeans with LYCRA® lastingFIT technology hold their shape and keep consumers looking great, all day, every day.

LYCRA T400 technology

LYCRA lastingFIT technology for denim jeans and for jobwear provides durable stretch and recovery, shape retention, and very low shrinkage.

LYCRA® T400® technology delivers excellent performance and aesthetics in applications that require low to moderate stretch. It is based on LYCRA® T400® fiber, a multi-component yarn in which different polymers are joined together within each filament. When exposed to heat, each polymer shrinks to a different degree, producing a smooth helical crimp. Because the crimp is not mechanically induced, LYCRA® T400® fiber gives greater, more durable stretch and recovery, and a softer, smoother hand than textured yarns that are used for stretch.

LYCRA® T400® technology can be applied to just about any fabric that currently uses textured yarns. Applications include denims, jobwear, shirtings and other lightweight wovens, circular knits, and socks.

LYCRA XFIT technology

LYCRA® XFIT technology uses patented technologies for producing denim with stretch in the fabric length which, when combined with the traditional weft-stretch process, provides a fantastic 360-degree, “3D” fit. LYCRA® T400® fiber is woven into the fabric warp in a way that hides and protects it within the fabric, giving the fabric a flat, authentic denim look and feel.

Fabrics with LYCRA® XFIT technology can withstand all finishing processes on a continuous range, and also can undergo such standard garment processes as sanding, enzyme treatment, stone washing and bleach.

LYCRA TOUGH MAX technology

Denim fabrics with LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ technology have more than twice the strength of typical all-cotton denim but provide the comfort and freedom of movement for which the LYCRA® brand is known worldwide. Now denim can be offered with toughness and comfort stretch for such applications as jobwear or skateboarding jeans.

Promodal Fabrics

Promodal is a blend of Modal and Tencel, made from birch and Eucalyptus trees. The properties of both yarns are combined to get the best of both in one fabric. Modal makes the fabric exceptionally soft, while Tencel provides good moisture transportation.

  • Natural softening agent
  • Long-lasting softness even after
  • repeated washing
  • Perfect blending partner for cotton – tone-in-tone dyeing
  • Brilliant colours

TENCEL Fabrics

TENCEL is a brand name for a fiber which is also called lyocell, manufactured by the Lenzing AG company. Technically, a fabric must contain at least 30% of these proprietary fibers in order to use the name Tencel, but the term has become more commonly used than lyocell for similar products from all sources. Whatever it's called, Tencel or lyocell is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose. It is similar in hand to rayon and bamboo, both regenerated fabrics. However, Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics, for several reasons. Tencel fibers are grown sustainably.

  • Optimum moisture management
  • Climate regulation
  • Smooth fiber structure helps to avoid skin irritations
  • Reduced growth of bacteria
  • High fiber tenacity

4-way stretch technology

Allways is one of the new innovations of the Mexican company Global Denim® for the AW 18/19 season. It is a Bi-Stretch or 4 way stretch technology.

There are many types of stretch in the market. Most of which are weft only stretch, or in some new and innovative cases warp only stretch. For Global Denim® these kinds of stretch are not always satisfactory in terms of body shaping, fit and comfort, so they came up with a new and revolutionary 4 way stretch fabric.

Global Denim® 4 way stretch fabric offers stretch in both the warp and weft, creating better elasticity, better arrangement in construction, more comfort and better movement on the body and superior performance.

It also has length recovery action, meaning it won´t sag or lose its shape. It has a straighter and tighter look, and the best part of all is that it has better shaping of the body. it has incredible holding power and it makes you look and feel slimmer.

This new fabric gives designers the opportunity to experiment and create different styles and new designs with more motion freedom.

Bi-Stretch Fabrics

Bi-Stretch Fabric is an excellent quality material ideal for dressmaking projects such as trousers, jackets and suits. This is the perfect choice for smart clothing and office wear as it does not easily crease. Despite the name, Bi-Stretch is not a typical “stretch” Fabric but does feature a slight bi-lateral stretch across the bias, resulting in a fabric which is comfortable to wear and provides full ease of movement. Bi-Stretch Fabric is popular for its beautiful body and drape, and is ideal when you need to look particularly presentable and stylish.